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Hi, I'm Reece

I like to draw and I've lately taken to writing a little too. This site is gonna be where I share at least two of my creative endeavors, maybe more in the future if they happen.


Blackrock is a comic I've been working on since late 2019. It's a post-apocalyptic adventure kinda thing with monsters and mystery and the like. It's my first project of this type and scale so it's not gonna be perfect but I've enjoyed making it and I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a pilot/episode 0 of an eldritch horror series I'm working on. On indefinite hiatus while Blackrock is running.


For updates on Blackrock and Heavy Rain, and to see my other art check out my twitter or instagram.

If you have any questions regarding work or commissions, email me at or contact me on my socials.


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