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Published projects I have completed since September 2021. All projects are made using Gamemaker Studio.

Lantern Demo

Demo of a fantasy RPG project I am currently working on, with top-down exploration and turn-based combat.

This features a handful of early game areas and multiple playable characters. It can be downloaded here:

GMTK Game Jam

Game 2 is a bullet hell game made over the course of 48 hours for the 2022 GMTK Gam Jam, with the theme "Roll of the Dice".

The game features 6 levels with progressively more difficult and intricate patterns of bullets that must be avoided until the timer hits zero. After each level the player rolls for a randomly selected buff or debuff that carries over to  subsequent levels.

It scored in the top 25% of entries overall (top 7% based on enjoyment scores) and can be played here:

Mame Beach

A short game demo type thing featuring members of Lyn Mametchi's community. This was my first Gamemaker project outside of a tutorial and the main purpose was to practice building RPG mechanics to prepare for a larger project in the future (Lantern).

It can be downloaded and played here:

Or you can watch me playing through here: 

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